About UsGood! Golly Canine Academy takes a holistic approach to dog training. We will help you to understand your dog’s physical, mental, emotional and social needs and how your dog communicates with you and with other dogs. With this knowledge you will have the tools to build a lasting relationship with your dog to happily co-exist in our human world. Our training programs are professionally written and supervised by Kaye Forrester, a qualified Canine Behaviour Trainer, Puppy Start Right Instructor and qualified C.L.A.S.S. Assessor. We use a reward based training program and encourage the dogs to “learn to earn”, and to make ‘smart’ choices on their own. Above all our classes are designed to encourage both owner and dog to have fun while learning. During our classes you will gain an appreciation of how dogs think and learn, and why the training methods we use work. Are you interested in preventing or correcting behaviours that might not fit with your lifestyle, including jumping on visitors, pulling on the leash? Our program covers various training methods including Clicker Training, Lure/Reward Training, Shaping & Capturing that will provide you with techniques to shape your dog’s behaviour. The program begins with our Puppy Start Right Program, followed on with our Fun and Basics 1 and Fun and Basics 2. We offer special workshops to address behaviour modification (e.g. pulling on the leash, jumping at visitors, lunging at other dogs). We also run a variety of complex skills such as “Go to your mat when someone knocks at the door”, “pick up your toys” and any other response behaviour you would like to add! These workshops are adjusted to suit the group and are always open to suggestions of topics you would like covered. About UsAre you ‘time-poor’? (And who isn’t?) Our Private Training classes could be for you. Any of our group classes can be done on a one-one basis, or we can design a program to suit your needs. Classes can be held at our training centre, or in your home. For example we can bring our Puppy Start Right program to you and your family, and include some time at our Doggy Daycare centre so your puppy gets some other canine interaction to complete his learning. C.L.A.S.S. is an accredited Canine Life & Social Skills program. Owners and dogs completing this accreditation will have learnt all the skills needed to incorporate what they have learnt in our classes into daily living with their dogs.

Can’t make it to our classes? We can arrange any of our training programs at a time to suit you and your family. See our 'Private Training' page.